2017 Season Rates

Cost: $25 per person ( Sessions are approximately one hour with a two person minimum and a six person maximum. ) Travel charges may apply outside local area.

Location: HoopAbout is an on location service.  If space is unavailable at your home or business location, park or beach space may be an option.  Hoop Movement is suited for outdoors. However, studio spaces are available for additional charges.

Private Client Foundational Series:  Whether your intention is to use the hoop for pure FUN, physical fitness, or the performing arts, there are fundamental techniques that are the platform for all hoop movement.   The series follows a precise set of 183 micro movements and coresponding proficiency exercises.

Private instruction is delivered in a playful free flowing manner and is completely customizable.

I use custom handmade hoops and provide detailed adjustments gained from teaching thousands of people of different fitness levels, sizes, shapes, and backgrounds.
EMAIL reza@hoopabout.com or CALL 973-271-8155

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